As a child I played a lot of music, at home, at school, in a youth brass band. As a teenager I discovered jazz and for a few years learnt to play tunes and some basic harmony by ear. Then I went to university and my music making became dormant. This changed, in 2011 when I bought a piano, then in late 2014 when I took Gary Burton’s online Jazz Improvisation course, a life changing experience! I’ve made friends across the world with whom I’ve collaborated online and met and played with in person.

I’ll be found playing on keyboard and flugelhorn at the Oxford Jazz Kitchen and other local jam sessions  and starting to play a few gigs in and around Oxford. This is still a work in progress, but I’m improving steadily and having great fun …

I’m also treasurer of the Oxford Jazz Federation, a voluntary organisation that aims to promote jazz in and around Oxfordshire. Click on the link to join for just £5 pa!