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As a child I played a lot of music, at home, at school, in a youth brass band. As a teenager I discovered jazz and for a few years learnt to play tunes and some basic harmony by ear. Then I went to university and my music making became dormant. This changed in 2011 when I bought a piano. Then in late 2014 I took Gary Burton’s online Jazz Improvisation course, a life changing experience. I’ve made friends across the world with whom I’ve collaborated online. And I’ll be found playing on keyboard, cornet and flugelhorn at the Oxford Jazz Kitchen and other jam sessions most months. Still very much a work in progress, but steadily improving …








Over 9 weeks from July – September, I am attempting to learn the tenor saxophone and pass my grade 1 jazz saxophone examination as part of the Oxford-Cambridge Note Race, involving over 200 participants in Oxford and Cambridge. We are raising money for Home-Start Oxford.

The main challenge will be getting all the notes out in a reasonably tuneful way: I was persuaded to demonstrate my lack of progress at the July jam session (photo) and now I’m really scared!

Nevertheless it’s all for a great cause: the funds we raise will make children’s and families’ lives better through the outstanding work of Home-Start Oxford.. Through weekly home visits, Home-Start Oxford helps families struggling with a wide range of issues, including isolation, physical and mental health problems, children with disabilities, bereavement and many other issues, to build better lives for their young children.

I’ll be grateful for any support and encouragement! And if you do feel able to make a donation, however small, please look at my fundraising page