Telling others about what you do and what you find interesting is fun. Trying to explain difficult concepts to others is a great tool to deepen understanding. When I’ve struggled to explain a concept coherently, sometimes I’ve found it’s because the problem really is not understood: teaching has led, directly or indirectly, to a significant fraction of my research papers.


1_kleinI recently co-organisied a Summer School on Physics of the Ocean at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany. Thanks to all of the students and faculty for making this such an uplifting experience! The school will next run in July 2020.


The second NERC and Met Office-funded short course on the Role of the Oceans in Weather and Climate (OiWC2018) was held at the Met Office, Exeter in March 2018, with accommodation at the Globe Hotel in the beautiful village of Topsham.