I co-lead the Physical Oceanography Group with Helen Johnson (Earth Sciences). We hold weekly group meetings along with Andrew Well‘s Ice and Fluid Dynamics Group, regularly attracting around 10-15  researchers.

The following are people I have personally worked with in the recent past (with apologies to anyone I’ve overlooked):

Graduate students

James Boneham,  Rosie Eaves, Salah Kouhen, Kate Maurer, Cheng Qian, Jamie Rees, Andrew Styles, Ke Zhao

Post Docs

Rita Markina, Ryan Patmore

Recent collaborators

Lesley AllisonMaarten AmbaumScott Bachman, Sheldon BaconMike BellLiam Brannigan, Christian Buckingham, Tomos David, Ed Doddridge, Tim DowlingSybren DrijfhoutRaf FerrariDavid Ferreira, Fraser Goldsworth, Patrick Heimbach, Penny HollidayAndy HoggHelen Johnson, Andreas Klocker, Yavor Kostov, Jonathan Lauderdale, Han Seul Lee, Camille Lique, Susan Lozier, Graeme MacGilchristJames MaddisonGurvan Madec, Julian Mak, Ali MashayekDave Munday, Louis-Philippe NadeauAlberto Naveira Garabato, Markus JochumLenka NovakGeorge Nurser, Mads PoulsenHelen Pillar, Geoff StanleySo TakaoTalia TamarinMatt ThomasRic WilliamsLaure ZannaXiaoming Zhai

Recent visitors

Donata GiglioSarah GilleMarlos Goes, Andy HoggAndreas Klocker, Mads PoulsenTalia TamarinCarl Wunsch

… and finally, to give a flavour of where people have ended up, my:

Former fellows, post docs and graduate students

Susan Adcock (Head, Knowledge Transfer Centre, University of Reading), Lesley Allison (Senior Scientist, Met Office), Maarten Ambaum (Professor, University of Reading), Lucy Bricheno (Research Scientist, National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool), Liam Brannigan (Data Scientist, Ireland), Adam Candy (Research Associate, Delft University of Technology), Laura Cimoli,(Post Doc, Scripps Institute of Oceanography), Lars Czeschel (Research Scientist, University of Hamburg), Rena Czeschel (Research Scientist, GEOMAR, Kiel), Stuart Daines (Research Fellow, University of Exeter), Tomos David (Post Doc, University of Oxford), Ed Doddridge (Research Fellow, IMAS, Tasmania), Mark Forshaw, Fraser Goldsworth (Post Doc, MPI Hamburg), Helen Johnson (Professor, University of Oxford), Twm Jonathan (Natural Resources Wales),  Manoj Joshi (Professor, University of East Anglia), Yavor Kostov (Post Doc, University of Exeter), Graeme MacGilchrist (Post Doc, Princeton University/GFDL), James Maddison (Reader, University of Edinburgh), Julian Mak (Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Ali Mashayek (Lecturer, Imperial College, London) Stuart Moore (Meteorologist, NIWA, New Zealand), Dave Munday (Research Scientist, British Antarctic Survey), James Percival (Research Associate, Imperial College, London), Helen Pillar (Post Doc, University of Texas at Austin), Jeff Polton (Research Scientist, National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool), Malcolm Roberts (Manager, High Resolution Climate Modelling, Met Office), Jemma Shipton (Lecturer, University of Exeter), Amrita Shravat (Mathematics Teacher, St Paul’s School), Šárka Tukova (Accountant), Geoff Stanley (Research Fellow, University of Victoria), James Stephens (Computer Manager, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Claire Tansley (Senior Digital Economy Manager, EPSRC), Kuniko Yamazaki (Post Doc, University of Tokyo), Laure Zanna (Professor, Courant Institute, New York University), Xiaoming Zhai (Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia)