David Marshall

I'm a Physical Oceanographer at the University of Oxford interested in the fluid dynamics of the global ocean circulation. My work spans a wide range of scales, from meters to global, and days to millennia. I use a range of approaches including pen and paper, computational models and observations. 

Physics Ocean Oxford      




St Hugh's Oxford


  • Climate Scientists Podcast
    At the start of October, I cycled over to Cambridge to spend a couple of days at the British Antarctic Survey, to be interviewed by Dan Jones for an episode of his excellent Climate Scientists Podcast and also to work with my former ...
  • DPhil (PhD) studentship available to start January 2019
    We have a fully-funded DPhil (PhD) studentship available to work on the stability of stratified equatorial ocean jets, a @NERCscience Industrial CASE project joint between @OxUniMaths , @OxfordAOPP and @metoffice. You can apply to be based ...
  • Implementation of GEOMETRIC in an Ocean Circulation Model
    Julian Mak‘s paper on the Implementation of a Geometrically Informed and Energetically Constrained Mesoscale Eddy Parameterization in an Ocean Circulation Model has been published in the Journal of Physical Oceanography and is freely ...