David Marshall

Welcome to my website! I'm a Physical Oceanographer in the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, and I'm interested in the fluid dynamics of the global ocean circulation. My work spans a wide range of scales, from meters to global, and days to millennia. I use a range of approaches including pen and paper, computational models and observations.

Physics Ocean Oxford

St Hugh's Oxford

Oxford Martin School


  • Neutral Surface Topology
    I’m super proud that former graduate student, Geoff Stanley‘s outstanding sole-author paper on Neutral Surface Topology has been published in Ocean Modelling. This should redefine how we calculate neutral surfaces in the ocean. ...
  • First OSNAP results published in Science
    A new international study finds that the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, a deep-ocean process that plays a key role in regulating Earth’s climate, is primarily driven by cooling waters west of Europe.   In a departure from the ...
  • Climate Scientists Podcast
    At the start of October, I cycled over to Cambridge to spend a couple of days at the British Antarctic Survey, to be interviewed by Dan Jones for an episode of his excellent Climate Scientists Podcast and also to work with my former ...