Climate Scientists Podcast

At the start of October, I cycled over to Cambridge to spend a couple of days at the British Antarctic Survey, to be interviewed by Dan Jones for an episode of his excellent Climate Scientists Podcast and also to work with my former graduate student and post doc Dave Munday.

The podcast can be found to on a number of platforms. Dan and I had an enjoyable and wide-ranging conversation covering¬†creativity in science (and jazz), my group’s efforts to represent the effect of small-scale eddies in ocean climate¬†models through the GEOMETRIC project, the OSNAP¬†international programme to observe and interpret the overturning circulation in the subpolar North Atlantic, my pathway into science, and the importance of finding what it is that you love doing in your work.

If you do enjoy listening to this and/or other episodes, please do leave Dan with some positive feedback!

A couple of links mentioned in the podcast:

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