Implementation of GEOMETRIC in an Ocean Circulation Model

Julian Mak‘s paper on the Implementation of a Geometrically Informed and Energetically Constrained Mesoscale Eddy Parameterization in an Ocean Circulation Model has been published in the Journal of Physical Oceanography and is freely available.

This is the first paper in which we implement and test GEOMETRIC in an ocean general circulation model, albeit in idealised basin geometries. We find that integrations at coarse resolution, in which eddies are parameterised by GEOMETRIC, display broad agreement in the sensitivity to surface wind stress of the circumpolar transport, meridional overturning, and depth-integrated eddy energy pattern as analogous reference calculations at eddy-permitting resolutions. Differences can be ascribed to the overly simple parameterised eddy energy budget employed in this calculations, which is likely to be a key area of focus for the eddy parameterisation problem over the next decade.

Variation of circumpolar transport with wind stress in a reference calculation with explicit eddies (green), with a constant eddy diffusivity (blue) and with GEOMETRIC (red, purple). See Mak et al. (2018) for full details.

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